I am a big fan of the Alice in Wonderland books. Often in working on my art, I feel like I have followed Alice down the rabbit hole. “By the Stream in Wonderland” is definitely one of the top favorites of my recent works, and I happen to like it a lot too. ¬† ūüôā¬†¬† I hope you like it, and may your adventures be beautiful and uplifting.

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Without quite intending it, 2 of my recent additions to the gallery have to do with religion. “Garden Buddha” has a statue of Buddha, and “Divine Light” is an image from inside a church. Many bad things have been done in the name of religion, even entire wars. However, religion has also been an inspiration for many good works such as charitable acts and a lot of art. I honor the human aspiration to be in touch with the divine, but I try to do so in an inclusive way and not advocating one religion over another. Anyhow, I hope you like the artwork.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!! I hope your winter holidays went well. I was glad for the solstice and very much appreciate the days getting longer. Here comes the sun! I think it’s going to be a good year. Congratulations to Doug Jones and good riddance to Roy Moore. Maybe we can get another sex offender out of Washington this year. The featured image here is “Inside Out”. It’s a recent one and was the last piece I added to the gallery here. May all of you have a great 2018.

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hopping madHouse

Hi people, I hope your autumn is falling nicely, and let me wish you all a jolly All Hallows’ Eve in advance. But that’s not the reason for this post, which is announcing the addition of my game, “hopping madHouse” to the Just for Fun page of the website here. My art involves exploring. Some years back I went from still images to video and then on to making games, since I wanted to explore possibilities of making something more interactive. Artists want to engage the viewer, and having the audience be participants takes that to another level. I used the Unity 3d game making platform which is powerful yet user friendly. The best thing to come out of that multiyear journey for me was “hopping madHouse”. It is a simple game, but visually interesting and a fun little sojourn into the ShivaFooL universe. After making that game, I spent 4 years making a more ambitious game, but sadly that did not turn out to be a very good game. My brain got vigorous exercise doing the coding (programming) during those years I was working on games, so that is some consolation for spending so much time on that more ambitious game. I decided to add “hopping madHouse” to this website to save it from oblivion. In the past Unity 3d games were played with a web browser plug-in, but now browsers are moving away from plug-ins and the Unity 3d plug-in is no longer being supported. To rescue “hopping madHouse” I had to go back to work in Unity 3d and produce the game in the form that the latest browsers support. So my brain got a couple of more months of vigorous exercise in that process. If you have 5 minutes, try it out and you may well have some fun being driven a bit mad.

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End of the World

In case you haven’t heard, the end of the world is today. This info was brought to us by a renowned Christian blogger, David Meade. Well but yesterday reports are that he has updated his prediction. Today is the beginning of the end: the start of a series of major disasters over several weeks that will end life as we know it. So we have a little time. But why wait? I encourage all of you to party like it’s 1999. I’ve come to enjoy the world ending: Y2K, 2012, whatever. I haven’t partied hardy every time, or any of the times really. I’m not sure how much it matters. One way or another our time here is limited for each and every one of us. We have all heard that we should appreciate every day, and in the back of our minds we know that’s true, but we still get caught up in our day to day lives. We fret over things that really aren’t that important. We forget to appreciate the amazing gifts in our lives and the heart sustaining love of family and friends. With the daily barrage of bad news, it is not hard to see how ugliness can eclipse our view of the good in our lives. It’s the end of the world, and there is no better time to celebrate the incredible wonder and beauty of life on Earth. So let’s raise our glasses in celebration and make a toast to the end of the world. Thank you, Mother Earth, it’s been a wonderful party!

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face dancing !!

It’s finally here: face dancing !! It is on my ShivaFooL YouTube channel and also on the Just For Fun page on the website here. This is the little video that kept me off the streets for the first half of this year. It’s about 4 and a half minutes long and took me about 6 months. It features the song “Let’s Go Crazy” by The Clash which originally appeared on their triple album “Sandinista!” It also features the talented faces of Gina Stevensen, Quinn Rol, Jamie Goyer, and Jamin Rol (and maybe brief cameos with yours truly). The background for the faces has abstract ShivaFooL artwork in motion to add to your viewing pleasure. It is a fun little video, and I think you will enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it, then of course the usual money back policy applies. ūüėČ Have fun!

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Secret Garden Paint Dance

Hello world. I’ve added an artwork to the gallery titled “Secret Garden Paint Dance”. A serendipitous snapshot of Mother Nature‚Äôs raw colors caught in the act of dancing for joy before being infused into the garden‚Äôs orchestra. It is an abstract surreal digital art painting¬†that I made a few months ago. I’ve been busy with my video project so I haven’t done much digital painting. This one actually was originally inspired by artwork that I did for the video. It includes both photos and digital painting. I hope you like it. BTW the video project is coming along nicely, and may be nearly finished. When it’s done, I will put it on YouTube and add it to the for Fun page here. Stay tuned…

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Scary Clown

Portrait of a traitor, crook, fraud, sex offender who will hopefully be imprisoned for a lifetime of crime after he is impeached. I am posting this image of a Scary Clown contrary to the advice of people who care about me. I have written about this fascist Trump in an earlier post. History has shown that we can pay a terrible price if we do not confront and oppose fascists. There are other pictures on the internet of our clown in chief with a red nose, but mine is a little different in relating him to the scary clown phenomenon of recent years. I have added this image to my store area, but I am not adding it to the main gallery on the site here. I don’t have any other overtly political pieces, but I felt compelled by a sense of civic duty to post this one.

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I just uploaded this one to the gallery from about 18 years ago called Magic. It was an oversight on my part that this wasn’t already up there. It is one of my more popular works. The title applies to the scene depicted, but also kind of to my work process in general. Where do I come up with this stuff? I try to keep going until the magic happens. Sometimes it doesn’t no matter how long I stick with a particular piece. Sometimes it does. Even when the magic happens, it still leaves me with a lot of polishing and refining to do.

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Meow Wolf

My latest upload to the Gallery page is called “Meow Wolf Prowling”. It is a result of a great time that I had visiting Meow Wolf with my sister a couple of months ago. Meow Wolf is an art experience is Santa Fe, New Mexico, and if you ever have a chance to go, I highly recommend it. You find your way through elaborate art environments with new discoveries at every turn. There is a mystery story if you want to dive even deeper into the experience. My image is a composite from many photos that I took during my time there, and I hope it helps to entice you if you ever do get the opportunity to go and see for yourself. Going through my photos and working in Photoshop to make this image made me appreciate the experience even more.

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