INSPIRED BY Possibilities.

Welcome to the ShivaFooL Gallery, the digital art of Maurits Rol.
The Gallery page has examples of my artwork on the computer over the last 20 years. 
Much of my artwork is abstract or surreal, and I love lots of color. I like to work with the elements of color, form, light, texture and composition to achieve my version of aesthetic beauty. Music is important in my process, it helps me get lost. With music, the outside world disappears, I lose track of time and go with the flow. I keep going on this journey into inner space until everything looks right to my eye. I have spent thousands of hours over the years lost in space in pursuit of beauty. I find there is always more for me to explore.

Prints of selected images from the gallery are available for sale on the Buy Prints page. The Just For Fun page has examples of my efforts to go beyond still images. The blog page is where I post stuff that may or may not be about digital art. You can contact me from the contact form below, or email: maurits at shivafool dot com.



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