Modern websites are a lot different from the internet of yesteryear. Some of you know that html (the file extension when you save a web page) stands for hypertext markup language. In the stone ages the hypertext referred to links between text based websites. HTML is still one of the programming languages that underlies websites, but there are many layers of software on top of this for modern websites. This site and so many others these days are built on WordPress or some other content management system (CMS). The CMS in turn is built on top of other programming languages like PHP. WordPress makes it easier to build a modern website. And then there are many different plugins to make WordPress easier. This site uses a WordPress theme called Avada, with which I have mostly been pleased. I am currently working on another site for my son for which I am using a different WordPress theme called Astra together with another plugin called Elementor, and I can recommend this combination.  A modern website has lots of pictures, moving parts, and needs to be responsive, i.e. able to display correctly on the many different screen sizes of many different devices. The internet is not just for desktop computers anymore.