They Always Say It Tastes Like Chicken - an abstract surreal digital art painting .

I haven’t been posting much, but I wanted to add a post for the piece I just added today since it includes a poem, which is unusual though not unprecedented for my visual artwork. The title of this post is the short title for this piece, but the full title is really the poem below: 


Tastes Like Chicken

The cellophane is so old it’s yellowed,
the industrial underpinnings are in disarray,
even though a dog once lay there,
they always say it tastes like chicken.


Well, I’m very sure that makes the piece much more comprehensible, but hopefully not so much that it inches on over into the banal. In this piece I reckon my digital transmogrification process went bezerk. Occupational hazard I suppose. Anyhow it’s another abstract surreal digital art painting by yours truly. Good day to you, and may your next meal be a delicious Earth friendly plant based one that does not taste like chicken.