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Very occasionally I have a good idea. One of those was my Sounding Board which has mainly been 4 people: Gina Stevensen, Jamie Goyer, Quinn Rol, and Jamin Rol. (btw you can see these wonderful folks in the Face Dancing video on the Just For Fun page.) When I feel like I am done with a picture, I pass it on to my Sounding Board for comment. The comments may be like, dislike, or pointing out part of the picture that doesn’t work for them. There have been many many times that their comments have helped me improve a picture that I thought was finished. When I am working on a picture I can be too close to it to see parts that don’t work, but the discerning eyes of my Board members pick it up and show me. I have thanked them all before, but here is a public Thank You for their years of support.

(The picture I am using for this post is My Other Condo Is Simply Dreamy which is a relatively recent one. )

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Time for an update

I have not posted for quite a while. Recently I decided I needed to change my store. I am opting to have higher quality prints and leave behind merchandise options like cups, tote bags, etc. Also I don’t have prints available for every picture that is in the gallery. I have been reviewing my artwork and decided it was time for an update. The image for this post is called Fanfare for the Common Invertebrate, which is from last year and never got added to the gallery until now. Enjoy.

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Party Down Below

Party Down Below is one of my surreal digital art pictures under the waves. I loved scuba diving the very few times I have been and would love to go again. You can visit another world without leaving the planet. How cool is that? This is a happy picture imagining party time for those creatures in that other world. This is another picture which won an award in one of Art Gallery Ring‘s online art contests. Enjoy the party!

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Animated GIFs

I got excited about the possibilities with animated GIFs recently, and I have put some on the Just For Fun page here (2 at the top and 1 at the bottom of the page). Slot Canyon Melting shown here is one of them. Check them out. Stable Diffusion with an Interpolate script by a person posting as StaplerGiraffe on reddit was one inspiration, and Corel PhotoMirage was another. Besides these, Corel Video Studio and Photoshop were used to make these living pictures. It takes a lot of work to get them right, but I think the result is pleasing and interesting. I hope you agree. By the way, if you get a chance, go hiking in slot canyons (but maybe not if they are melting 8-)>    ). Another beautiful gift from Mother Nature.

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AI art and Stable Diffusion

I started using AI art programs about 4 years ago with DeepDreamGenerator and then found ArtBreeder earlier this year. Both of these are websites which let you make pictures with artificial intelligence (AI) art programs. Also this year Dall-E and Mid-Journey exploded into our internet world. These have caught on like wildfire with their text to image capabilities. You type in a prompt of a picture you want and the AI reads your prompt and makes a picture for you. This allows anyone regardless of artistic ability to make beautiful pictures, and thousands if not millions of amazing results are out there on the internet for your viewing pleasure. I encourage you to try it if you haven’t already because you may have a lot of fun like millions of people are. The difference with Stable Diffusion is that it has been released openly for people to be able to run it on their own computers, and many brilliant people around the globe have been making it more and more capable. I have been wanting this for 4 years and am delighted to have Stable Diffusion on my desktop computer. These AI art programs have stirred debate about art and who is the artist when AI is involved. Someone put up a post about it being “the end of art” I believe. How can empowering people to make beautiful pictures themselves be a bad thing? Throughout history artists have always adopted any new tools that have come along like the camera obscura, photography, Photoshop, Blender and other 3d graphics programs, and the list could go on. For the last few years my process has been to use the AI art program to generate many (e.g. a couple of dozen) images until I see the possibility for a picture I’d like to make. I then choose a dozen or so which have elements I want to use and bring them into Photoshop. Then there is hours of work to put together elements from different images into a coherent picture, and then some more hours of finishing touches. So have I become less of an artist in the last few years since I have been using AI art programs? The 2 pictures for this post are “Burning Bones Forest of My Brain” and “Spinal Diffusion,” and both came from the same large set of images generated one day with Spinal Diffusion.

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Abiogenesis is a term for life arising from nonliving matter. This is what happened somehow on Earth a few billion years ago. This is a topic that has fascinated me for years. I read quite a lot about it a couple of years ago, and got a general notion about how it may have happened. There was some exciting news in this area a few months ago from scientists studying nucleic acids and amino acids together. They were able to show RNA putting together amino acids into small peptides, and segments of RNA that were self replicating. Exciting stuff to some geeky folks like me. The new picture I am adding to the gallery is called Abiogenesis Oasis, and is dedicated to the miracle of life on Earth.

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Another award winner – Web of Paradise

Hello All,

Recently I have entered some online art contests through Gallery Ring.

Flash Frozen Flower, which has been in my gallery here for a while, won the Ruby Award in a Flower and Still Life themed contest. I am adding a picture to the gallery today named Web of Paradise which won the Emerald Award in an Abstract themed contest. Since I made this picture in 2020 I guess I have not been diligent enough about keeping the website up to date. May you all enjoy a taste of paradise sometime.

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Hello all. I’ve been having lots of fun with the website! In fact the last 5 pictures I have added to the gallery have started with making lots of images in ArtBreeder which I then combine in Photoshop. Generally it is a dozen different images (or more) that go into the picture. The website uses artificial intelligence (AI) to let you manipulate images in lots of ways. Try it out, you just might have some fun messing around. The picture for this post (Neoclassical Drama Unfolding) is one of the pictures I’ve made which started with that kind of messing around.

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Dream Gallery and end of an era

My game Dream Gallery is finished and is available for download on It is an art game in which you can make pictures. It is a first person PC game and you pick up a camera in the beginning. You can take pictures which then appear in your gallery. The pictures also get saved to your PC so you can share them. You can move, rotate, and resize objects and people you find in the dream world for your pictures. You can also add and arrange lights to get the picture just the way you want it. It is free of course. I hope you try it out and have some fun. It marks an end of era for me since I decided I am no longer going to make games and I am going back to my roots making digital art pictures. The picture for this post titled “breach of etiquette” was made in Dream Gallery btw. Here is a link for the game:

Have fun y’all  🙂

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InterFaith SameGame

InterFaith SameGame is now available on and there is a link on the Just for Fun page. It is a simple casual game that you can play in your browser, i.e. you don’t have to download it.

The more connected tiles you grab the more you score. The tiles have symbols from the 5 major world religions. Score enough points and you will receive a blessing. This is my version of the SameGame. Wikipedia quote: “SameGame is a tile-matching puzzle originally released under the name Chain Shot! in 1985 by Kuniaki Moribe. It has since been ported to numerous computer platforms…” It is great for when you have a few minutes to kill.

A million years ago I made a samegame I called Karma Kollector in a now extinct entity called Flash, and it was available for Android on Google Play. This is New & Improved!

So if you’re in a waiting room and you have time to kill think about trying it out.

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