Abductee 43 is arriving! Finally. After countless hours of work that exercised my brain mightily (sometimes a lot more than I wanted it to) it is finally launching.

You’ve been abducted by aliens with attitude! Will you ever be able to get back home, or will they convince you to stay?

Abductee 43 is a single player first person nonviolent game for PC. The emphasis is on story and humor and not fast action. I made a website for it at www.Abductee43.com .

You can download the demo here: shivafool.itch.io/abductee-43 .

It is family friendly in case you’re wondering. I would say it is safe for work, but I don’t know whose boss wants them playing games on the job.

(btw I asked them, and the aliens do not approve of violent fascist mobs.)